"I've been lactose intolerant for over 30 years, and I tried lots of things but they never worked. Then I tried Healthy Trinity, and it has been fantastic for my whole system. Now I eat and drink whatever I want with no side effects. I drink one-half gallon of milk a week and get to enjoy my very favorite treat – great-tasting milk shakes!"
- Frank C., NV

I went to the health food store and said, 'What is the best you've got?' They said 'Healthy Trinity.' I said, 'Well, give it to me,' and I was just talking to my other half this morning saying that this is the best darn product. I can feel the difference. She [Natasha Trenev] is telling the truth." Michael Thurmond, master body sculptor, weight loss expert and creator of the Six Week Total Body Makeover, during an interview with Joanie Greggains, a national expert on exercise and diet.