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Probiotics for Pets

Just as probiotics are vital part of a healthy foundation for humans, they are an equally important factor in keeping animals healthy.
Natren® is proud to present our line of superior-quality probiotics for animals.

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Natren's probiotic supplements for cats, dogs, horses and birds

Gastro Vegi-dophilus (3.0 oz)

Code: 26300

Regular Price: $199.80

Special Price: $49.95

FelineDophilus probiotic supplement for cats

FelineDophilus (20 ml.)

Code: 14020

Price: $29.95

EquiFlora probiotic supplements for horses

EquiFlora (20 ml.)

Code: 16020

Price: $29.95

Get CanineDophilus probiotic supplement for dogs

CanineDophilus (20 ml.)

Code: 12020

Price: $29.95